Perryville game (3)

Game isn't over yet. No time to do proper AAR, so only few photos. Enjoy !


Perryville game (2)

Some photos taken by members of our club during the game. 
Above - Adams' brigade advancing through the wheatfields.

Cheatham's division crossing Chaplin river.

Center of Federal position.
General McCook with staff in front of Widow Gibson's house.


Perryville wargame (1)

Finally we gathered to play our first full scale ACW game - Perryville.
So far it's noon and Confederates crossed the Chaplin river, and come within range of Federal artillery (yes, Polk ordered general offensive at 8 a.m., without waiting for Bragg).
I don't think I'll manage to do a proper ARR so please enjoy those few snapshots.


Confederates marching against Union left wing

Attack against Open Knob begins

View of Federal and Rebel lines facing each other

More to come next week.