General Lee

No, it's not about THIS general Lee. Nor about THAT general Lee, his father ...
It's about completely different Lee - major general Charles Lee, rather unfortunate Patriot commander in AWI. 

Lee's caricature by Rushbrooke
Charles Lee, an 18th century soldier of fortune (served with British, Polish, Portuguese and Russian armies) entered continental service in 1775.  He was made second in command, only to general Washington (still low, given his ambitions), commanded a division in New York 1776 campaign and was captured by the British light dragoons on December 13th 1776 at Baskingridge in New Jersey. Held in captivity for more than a year, he was finally exchanged in 1778, but given command of Continental Army vanguard, he failed at the battle of Monmouth, and was subsequently dismissed and courtmartialled. 
Lee was very fond of dogs, and was seldom seen without one. The most famous of them was certain pomeranian, named Spado (or Spada).  His name entered history simply because he has gone missing and following advert appeared in the Virginia Gazette in March 7th 1777:

Twenty Dollars Reward
LOST or STOLEN, a very remarkable black shaggy dog of the Pomerania breed, called SPADO. He belongs to our brave but unfortunate general LEE, and was seen in the possession of a person who called himself JOSEPH BLOCK, at Wright’s Ferry, on Susquehannah, about the 25th of December last. It is supposed that BLOCK, who pretended to have undertaken to carry him to Berkeley County, Virginia, has parted with him for a trifling consideration, or lost him on the road. Whoever gives information where the said dog may be had, or will bring him to the subscriber in Williamsburg, shall receive the above reward, and no questions asked.

I decided to make command stand with general Lee. As the divisional commander stand requires two figures I added a captain (yellow cockade) od 12th Continental regiment - an unit that remainded under Lee's command in late 1776.
One can learn the history of Charles Lee here (link).
The fate of Spado is unknown.