Western fellows

Starting my ACW wargaming adventure I learned that Paweł, my wargaming pal has already painted the prettiest Union regiments from the Army of Potomac. Then I decided to do exclusively these regiments that fought in the Western Theather of war. Later, reading books about the war I realised that there was distinct difference between western and eastern soldiers of Federal army.
In his excellent book "This Terrible Sound: The Battle of Chickamauga", Peter Cozzens recals the memories of sergeant of the 4th Texas Infantry, Joseph Polley, whose brigade of veteran Texans arrived from Virginia on the eve of Chickamauga battle to reinforce confederate Army of Tennesee.  As Poley and his comrades began their advance through the woods of Chickamauga passing some wounded soldiers of Army of Tennessee they heared those taunting words:
“them fellers out thar you ar goin’ up again, ain’t none of them blue bellied, white-livered Yanks an’ sassidge-eatin’ forrin hirelins’ you have in Virginny that’ll run quick at the snap of a cap - they are Western fellers, an’ they’ll mighty quick give you a bellyful of fightin.”

So here they are - western fellows.

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